Leaders Network

‘Leaders Network’ is a global family of churches and leaders. Our intent is to be both a declaration and a demonstration and of the Kingdom of God through our friendship and partnership. ‘Leaders Network’ consists of pastors and churches that view ‘Leaders Network’ as their primary relationship and consider it their family.

John Cairns is the key apostolic leader, he has traveled extensively across the nations for the past 20 years. You can follow John’s ministry on his website. http://www.johncairns.org There are currently two ‘regional teams’, one based in Melbourne, Australia and one based in Durban, South Africa. We also have a number of ‘local teams’ which gather regularly in cities and local towns. Our passion is to see leaders establish ‘teams of teams’ across the nations, which are interacting ‘spheres of influence’ based on genuine relationship.

Currently ‘Leaders Network’ has established relationships across nine nations. (Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, USA, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.) We endeavour to hold a ‘national pastors conference’ annually in each nation and encourage a cross flow of ministry amongst the churches in the family.

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