Cell Driven Church

The House of Prayer is a ‘Cell Driven Church’ rather than a ‘Ministry Driven Church’. In a cell driven church the cell is not ‘a ministry’ but “the ministry” in the local Church. It is here that the Great Commandment and the Great Commission are fulfilled. The Cell is the first base of our
Leadership Development Plan and it is here that we identify and develop the gifts and ministries of our members.

In the Bible we find that agricultural terms, military terms and social terms are used to explain Biblical Principles. The word ‘Cell’ is a modern biological term that best describes the life and ministry of the Church in modern English. Cells are the smallest living organism that can grow and multiply.

Acts 2:46;5:42 shows us that the Church met both in ‘public meetings’ and ‘from house to house’. Church is more than just weekly meetings but must have the community dimension where genuine personal relations can grow. In short we believe that Church must be family.

The structure of the House is based on the Jethro Model. (Ex 18:14-24)
> Groups of 10, groups of 50, groups of 100, groups of 1000.

We dedicate three weeks each month to equipping our members in our Home Cells, and one week to equipping our leaders in our Up Cells. Every Cell Leader therefore belongs to a Leadership Up Cell. The Up Cell Leaders also belong to a cell called the Ministry Team.