Our mandate is to encourage and assist rural African pastors “to build Churches that will prevail in every circumstance.” Our strategy is to build relationships with indigenous pastors who are strategic men in a region and then support them in their endeavors to plant Churches and father / mentor younger men in ministry. We assist these men to develop an “Antioch base” and  “Local Teams” that can impact the region around them with the gospel (Acts 13). The key to sustainability is to development these local teams that meet regularly across cities and regions.

Through our partnership with Live Connection, Australia, and other partners, we raise quarterly financial support for these local pastors that we have a relationship with. This is not a salary but a love gift from the Lord in order to encourage them. We require that they be accountable to a team, walk with integrity and are fruitful in ministry.

We ensure that funding is invested wisely for the Kingdom of God. The fruitfulness and progress of ‘partnered pastors’ and evangelists is constantly monitored. We practice the 21st century mission approach of empowering local indigenous pastors, rather than financing more costly First World Missionary endeavors.

Each year we facilitate a number of short term mission trips.
Should you be interested do not hesitate to contact us for more details.