Values of the House

1. Jesus is the Head and Holy Spirit the Administrator of the Church.
2. Christ centred lives that clearly express the Lordship Jesus.
3. Spirit filled Church where the ministry of the Spirit is a priority.
4. Scripture is the final authority in the life of the believer and the affairs of the Church.
5. Body ministry and the priesthood of all believers.
6. Uniqueness, value and divine destiny of each individual.
7. Kingdom values, vision and lifestyles.
8. A deep sense of belonging and family.
9. A clear understanding of authority and ways of God.
10. A deep spirituality yet totally down to earth.
11. Personal character, integrity, honour and respect.
12. Expression of the grace and the Father heart of God.
13. A world vision and a burden for the lost.
14. Top priority of a “daily quiet time”, in prayer and God’s Word.
15. Openness, honesty and integrity in relationships.
16. Nothing is done for effect or to manipulate and violate another’s conscience.
17. Principle of being under authority and accountable.
18. Balance between family, church and work.
19. Team ministry, flowing in the Spirit and under authority.
20. Identify, train and release workers and leaders.
21. Mission and Church Planting to build up local Churches.
22. Influence and impact on the moral fabric of society.
23. Balance of Headship and plural team ministry.
24. Principle of Fatherhood and Headship.
25. A Hebrew rather than a Greek Mentality.
26. Principle of the Whole to the Part.
27. Confirmation of the Word through signs and wonders.
28. Willingness to sacrifice our lives for Christ and His mission.
29. Urgency of the Return of Christ and the coming judgement.
30. Invest time building quality marriage and family relationships.